We recycle 99% of our shredded paper

AXO Double Cut Shredding Machine

At Datashredders we want to make sure that the destruction of your private documents is as secure as possible, whilst also remaining fast, easy and effective. With the old machinery that only shreds the paper once, how can you be certain that your sensitive papers are being disposed of with the utmost safety and security? The customers wanted a system that cuts the materials twice, so they know that they can be fully satisfied when it comes to the privacy and security of their business.

To achieve this aim of the highest security possible, and to be certain that our customers are always 100% happy with the service that we provide, we could look no further than the Axo Double Cut Machine. The Double Cut Machine is the best money can buy when it comes to secure document disposal, and Datashredders will be the first company in the UK to have one of these machines.

We spoke to the European and UK Sales Manager of Axo, Kelly, who gave us more information about Axo and the Double Cut Machine, as well as giving you, the customer, an insight into the quality of the service you will be receiving when you use Datashredders. Kelly told us that Axo’s Director and President Greg Corrigan realised that the customers needed a more secure way to dispose of their confidential documents, they knew that the single shred system that was commonplace in shredding companies was not as secure as it could be.

Kelly gave us some details of how the Double Cut Machine works, “Transfer screws are ruffling the paper up as it’s going into the second shredder. So it’s giving it a really, really nice cut”, she also told us about the new blades with a serrated edge. With this system in place, it would be impossible for any parts of your private papers to be retrieved by anyone. Kelly also told us about Axo and their Director Greg Corrigan; Greg is located in Thailand where the manufacturing plant is based, and has a very hands on role in Axo. Greg does all the designing and developing himself, and has had the Double Cut Machine in the pipeline for two years.

Here at Datashredders we like to be absolutely certain that our customers are getting the high quality service they deserve, and we aim to keep them completely assured that the destruction of their files is carried out as safely and securely as possible. As mentioned above, we are the first company in the UK to have the Double Cut Machine, and we will be working very closely with Axo to ensure that it’s running at 110%. With this new, innovative machinery, and an efficient, reliable service that works around you, we can guarantee that if you use Datashredders, you will be getting everything you need.