5 Signs You Need A Mobile Paper Shredding Service

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  1. You are concerned about the disposal of confidential data

Personal data protection is currently a hot topic in the media, as companies large and small are thrust unwillingly into the spotlight over customer data leaks. If you store confidential information about your clients then it’s likely that data security is a recurring headache for you. Management, transfer and storage of paper files require careful planning, and it’s essential that disposal is managed professionally.

A mobile paper shredding service can outsource this routine but essential task, giving you the reassurance that paperwork is being destroyed securely and that your client data is safe. You have the added reassurance of being able to witness shredding onsite.


  1. You are looking for ways to improve your ethical business credentials

The benefits of ethical responsibility in the business world are becoming increasingly clear. Companies with a strong ethical agenda outperform the average and find it easier to attract and retain staff. If your company takes its ethical track record seriously then maximising recycling and is likely to be high on your responsible waste management agenda.

A mobile paper shredding service ensures that a maximum percentage of your paper records are recycled after shredding. 99% of your paperwork could be heading for paper mills to be reused in recycled paper products.


  1. Your staff spends a lot of time shredding paperwork

In-house shredding is likely to be costing your business money. Shredding paperwork is a time-consuming manual task that wastes the resource of valuable trained employees who could be generating profit for your business. While outsourcing your shredding might seem an extra outgoing cost, when considered in terms of staff hours and productivity, you are likely to be making a saving.

Choose Datashredders as your mobile shredding service and your team don’t need to spend time sorting old paperwork or shredding it. All paperwork and other confidential data storage is deposited quickly and easily in secure shredding bins provided by Datashredders, and we then take care of shredding and disposal while your staff take care of your business.


  1. Your office space is at a premium

If your office keeps paper-based records, or kept such records in the past, document storage is likely to be of premium concern. You may have a basement archive that’s running out of space or filing cabinets taking up an area that could be housing extra staff or more facilities.

And the reality is that much of that paperwork is probably no longer needed. Paperwork over 10 years old is unlikely to be of ongoing use to your business or your clients and probably should be destroyed for data protection reasons, but it still needs to be disposed of securely, which may be holding you back from clearing space and increasing efficiency.

A mobile paper shredding service can take care of a large volume of paper waste in one go, emptying filing cabinets and freeing space in archives. What could your business be doing with that space?


  1. You’ve recently switched to digital storage

It’s increasingly common for businesses and organisations to switch to a digital storage solution to save space and time. Going digital is likely to solve your storage space problems for the future, but what about your old paper records? If your business is in the legal, health, public services or property sectors, you’re likely to have a large paper archive, and many other businesses also generate substantial paper records. After the mammoth task of transferring those records to digital storage has been achieved, the next headache is what to do with old paper trail. The files are no longer necessary and are probably taking up much-needed space, but they’re also likely to contain confidential and sensitive information about your business and your clients.

A paper shredding service can take care of this paper backlog in one move, without you needing to waste staff time on disposal, and with the reassurance that all data is kept confidential and completely destroyed. If you’ve just invested considerable staffing hours in making the move from paper to digital, this final time saving will be an effective economy.