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No office distractions, zero commuting and flexible working hours – there are many advantages that come with working from home.

But, when it comes to keeping your workspace and equipment secure, working from home can often lull you into a false sense of security with its familiar surroundings and home comforts. In reality, you are still at risk of the security threats commercial offices are faced with.

Therefore, having security measures and best practices in place is essential to keeping yourself, your business and your clients protected.

Whether you run a business from home or are working from home due to the elevating coronavirus outbreak, here are our top tips on keeping your home office space secure.

1. Invest in physical security

Home security systems are among the most effective ways of keeping your home – thus your home office – secure. They are a great burglar deterrent and, if you do a bit of research and shop around, don’t have to cost you the earth.

Also, consider ways to make it harder for burglars. Installing a robust lock on your office door, choosing a room on the second floor as your office and purchasing a safe you can lock down are just a few simple ways to achieve this.

Putting these measures in place not only helps keep your assets protected. They can also save you money in the long run by keeping the cost of your insurance premiums down.

2. Keep confidential information secure

You are responsible for keeping the confidential details of your clients protected – even if you are working from home.

Ensure your sensitive documents don’t fall into the wrong hands by keeping them stored in a locked cabinet. When they’re not in use, keeping your devices locked away is also a good idea to keep them extra secure.

You could also consider fireproof, lockable storage if working from home is a long-term strategy. That way, your valuables and important documents are protected from more than just intruders.

3. Securely shred your sensitive data

Speaking of confidential documents, remember they need to be securely disposed of to prevent the risk of data theft. This may sound dramatic, but it’s important to remember that no matter where you work, no one is immune from identity thieves.

Domestic paper shredding services offer a great solution to destroying your unwanted confidential documents securely and efficiently.

Take Datashredders, for example. We don’t just offer secure shredding services to commercial offices. Our shredding trucks can come to your home, shred your confidential material and provide you with a certificate of destruction for added peace of mind.

We can also shred more than just paper, including laptops, hard drives and flash drives – something a domestic home office shredder can’t do!

4. Protect your digital data

It’s not just your physical documents that need to be secure, but your digital ones too.

Ensure you’re clued up on cyber threats and the preventative measures you can put in place to prevent them. This includes installing anti-virus software, regularly changing passwords and securing your wi-fi network.

Backing up your data is also very important. Use an external hard drive or online software regularly and you’ll have peace of mind that your work and data can be recovered following a cyber attack or system crash. Your IT department should be on hand to support you with all of this.

5. Keep work and personal devices separate

Owning two sets of everything might seem extravagant. But having devices, such as phones, laptops and PCs, that are used just for work and ones for general use is key to keeping sensitive work data secure.

Keeping your work devices separate also deters your family members from using your devices and unwittingly putting your digital security at risk.

What’s more, separate devices also make it more difficult for your business and personal accounts to cross over – something that’s handy to avoid any confusion, but also provides you with added security from cyber criminals.

Domestic shredding services

Datashredders can’t help with some of the pain points that come with working from home. But when it comes to securely disposing of your confidential data, we have an affordable, reliable and simple solution for you.

Meet compliance, save time and keep your sensitive information protected with Datashredders.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

– Please note your individual home office security needs may vary, and you might wish to review other information relating to your specific requirements.