5 Ways Commercial Shredding Customers Will Benefit from Datashredders’ New Linder Micromat 2000

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Datashredders recently upgraded to a Linder Micromat 2000 shredding machine, the cutting edge (literally!) of shredding technology. It’s great news for us, but it’s also great news for our commercial customers, who will benefit from the added security and efficiency that this new addition brings. If you shred your sensitive commercial waste with us, here’s how the Micromat will affect you.

Any format, any volume

Whatever your business, whatever the nature of your sensitive waste material, Datashredders can handle it. Whether you’re having a one-time clear-out of old paper records as you go digital, or you have a regular requirement for secure disposal of waste from the everyday running of your business, we can handle it. Our new Micromat shredder can process any type of waste. It’s not just paper and files that it can reduce to shreds – it can handle computer hard drives, laptops, floppy discs, USB drives, phones and other storage types too. And you  don’t need to worry about the hassle of sorting – it all goes into one of our secure shredding bins, and the shredder handles it.

You know your data is in safe hands

As a commercial business, you have a legal requirement to ensure your sensitive data is disposed of securely, so it’s reassuring to know that it’s being handled by the Micromat, our most powerful shredding technology yet and one of the most powerful shredders in the UK. It means every part of the disposal process is watertight, from the secure waste bins in your office handled by our uniformed, ID-wearing staff to the 96-ton-a-day Micromat shredder.

Superior commercial data security

The Micromat has a single shaft design that ensures all waste is shredded to oblivion – no piece of waste, whether it’s paper, plastic, cardboard or metal, can pass through the shaft until it’s shredded small enough. And that means really small – 95% of the Micromat’s output is smaller than a postage stamp.

Larger capacity means higher security

The Micromat shreds up to12 tons of waste per hour, and it’s not fussy about what kind of waste – paper, hard drives, folders, floppies – it all gets chewed up and baled together. That means that your confidential documents are shredded and mixed with tons of other random waste, and the end result is a bale of material ready for recycling that’s an indecipherable mix from many sources, impossible to piece together.

Shredding to BS EN 15713:2009 standards

OK, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but BS EN 15713:2009 is our bible – the European standard for secure data destruction. For our commercial clients, knowing that our equipment adheres to this standard is essential. The standard covers the minimum size that types of storage material should be shredded to, and our new Micromat machine means we can stay ahead of the game on this front, so you know your data is being disposed of in accordance with the highest security standards and practices.

With the Micromat shredder on our team, your sensitive commercial waste is in safer hands than ever before. Call the number at the top of this page and your confidential waste can be rendered irretrievable in a matter of days.