About Datashredders

Want to find out more about our secure shredding services? Just choose your page from the list below. If you’d like to make an enquiry, just fill in the form on our contact us page, dial 0808 223 8945 or email info@datashredders.co.uk.

Why Choose Datashredders?

We run down the reasons you should be choosing Datashredders over other shredding companies.

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The Shredding Alliance

We’re part of The Shredding Alliance, and as such are able to offer UK-wide services through our affiliates. In the unlikely event that we can’t reach you, another Shredding Alliance-affiliated business will be able to.

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We answer some of the most common queries customers have when it comes to protecting their personal data.

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Read glowing reviews from satisfied Datashredders customers.

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Meet the Management Team

Meet Datashredders’ management staff.

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Meet the Shredding Team

Meet our boots on the ground before they pay you an onsite shredding visit!

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