Greatly improve confidentiality in Leicester with our double shredding machine

It is not uncommon for companies that use mobile paper shredding services in Leicester to shred documents into 16mm wide pieces. This is so common because it meets ESN15713 standards. Some Leicester based companies require a more advanced form of shredding though. Leicester Datashredders, experts in mobile paper shredding services, have just started using a […]

20th March 2014 Commercial Shredding | Domestic Shredding

Are You Using an Office Records Destruction Service?

Are you confident that your company is compliant with all privacy policies relating to office records destruction? With continued development of legislation from government and regulators to help protect individuals and businesses, your number one priority should be to ensure confidential information remains confidential. Incorrect disposal of office records can cause irreparable damage to the […]

28th October 2009 Commercial Shredding | Data Protection

Protect Your Business with Secure Document Destruction

Are you worried about your confidential information getting into the wrong hands? You’re not alone. That’s why many companies today use a secure shredding service. Every day your business receives or generates sensitive information. This may range from printed materials being produced by staff members and include everything from personal client information to strategic planning […]

29th September 2009 Commercial Shredding | Data Protection