Datashredders’ Guide to Decluttering the House for Christmas

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Christmas is coming, and as the holidays approach many of us feel the need to get everything neat and tidy before the New Year. Whilst you are busy cleaning the spare room for holiday guests, it is easy to overlook your work area. If you have a study with piles of paperwork that don’t fit into the filing cabinet and old computers that you don’t want to send to landfill, it can seem like the easy option to shut the door and forget about it.

So why bother?

Everyone needs to keep their workspace organised. If you need a particular document, you don’t want to be sorting through years of irrelevant detail you no longer require – and sooner or later you will simply run out of space if you keep unnecessary archives. An organised study not only looks good, but it will also save you time and effort in the future. You might even strike lucky and find documents you thought you’d lost.

What’s stopping you?

One reason might be because you are worried about confidentiality. Even ten-year-old bank statements could contain information you’d rather didn’t fall into the wrong hands. However, choosing a shredding company to deal with document destruction means you can rest assured that your data is rendered unusable. A domestic paper shredding service will save you time and effort as all you need to do is decide which pile – keep or shred – to put the documents in. There’s no need to remove staples or bindings – a trusted local shredding company like Datashredders will have shredders that can deal with folders, clips, pens, pencils – and even ring binders!

Where to start?

It’s usually best to start with your filing cabinets and shelves. Look for old paperwork that is no longer relevant and files for companies you no longer do business with. That will give you space for paperwork waiting to be filed (then file it!). As you go, consider whether you can merge or split files to make it easier to find what you are looking for in the future.

Looking for more excuses?

A good paper shredding company will separate your waste and ensure that as much as possible gets recycled – even those old computers! After all, with a secure container service all you need to worry about is putting your unwanted items in the shredding bin – even the plastics!