Double Shredding Services in Coventry

Secure document shredding is used by plenty of organisations throughout Coventry, and in most cases documents are cut into 16mm wide pieces, which fits with the regulating body ESN15713. Other Coventry based businesses need far more secure shredding though.

Coventry Datashredders are specialists in secure document shredding. They have a process for shredding that suits businesses requiring greater confidentiality. This method is thanks to a double shredding machine that will chop your confidential documents into 8mm sections, so 2 times less than the regular width. This means double the confidentiality, and peace of mind for your company in Coventry.

In Coventry, this double shredding method will cut your data length ways and width ways, meaning something that is usually shredded into 20 strips, will now shred to 40 much smaller strips. This will render the shredded waste completely unusable to anyone who may be able to ‘get their hands’ on it.

Certain businesses will handle more confidential data than others, but from experience, when it comes to secure document shredding in Coventry, confidentiality really is key. The best advice we can give to organisations is to use this service if they are thinking about using secure document shredding in Coventry.