Datashredders Secure Waste Containers

In the above video, you see that Datashredders can supply blue bins, these have been very popular with our regular customers, but are not the most aesthetically pleasing, or in character with the professional business environment. So in the video, we introduce the consoles.

Datashredders allow companies to dispose of their confidential waste safely and securely, with no worry of your documents being viewed by anyone else. They can do this by supplying companies and individuals with blue bins; clients just fill these bins with their waste, and Datashredders will come and empty them on a regular basis. The bins come in various sizes, so you can choose one which is most suited to your needs.

As well as blue bins, Datashredders supply consoles, which are more suited to the business environment than the bins. The consoles come in various colours and sizes, including one which fits under a desk, which is ideal for someone who doesn’t need the inconvenience of travelling back and forth to bins to dispose of their waste. The consoles are also much more secure, they are fully lockable and so are perfect for confidential documents.

Historically, the service was utilised by mainly financial institutions including solicitors and accountants, but it is perfect for anyone working in a business environment.

If you are interested in any of the services and products supplied by Datashredders, then give them a call at 0800 027 1922, and they can come to you and deliver one of their bins or consoles.