Datashredders Acquire New Lindner Micromat 2000 Industrial Shredding Machine

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Datashredders are proud to announce a brand new addition to our arsenal – the Lindner Micromat shredding machine!

Replacing our previous AXO FATSO model as the primary shredder at Datashredders HQ in Peterborough, the Micromat’s shredding abilities massively exceed its predecessor’s.

Plastic & Paper Shredder – Types of Materials

The Micromat is able to easily cope with much greater volumes of paper, plastics and metals, with material being pushed from the shredding area of 2025x2280mm through a 2025mm x 563mm rotor – which runs at a whopping 265rpm! The result is a massively improved shredding throughput of up to 12t/h – over the course of an eight-hour day, that’s a whopping 96 tonnes of shredding per day, or 480 tonnes a week! This greater throughput level ensures that the journey from intact to irretrievable occurs far quicker.

The Micromat’s single shaft ensures that larger pieces of confidential waste cannot pass through until its size has been sufficiently reduced. The benefit of this is 95% of the shredder’s output being no larger than a postage stamp.

So that’s your confidential waste mixed in with 12 tons per hour of other waste, with pieces that cannot pass through the shredding machine and be baled until they’re the size of a stamp. One fragment of your waste could be five, or seven, or ten, or twenty bales down from the next fragment, among all sorts of other waste. Not even the most meticulous data thief could piece together anything from that!

Our use of the Lindner Micromat 2000 ensures that Datashredders continues to exceed the requirements of the BS EN 15713:2009 legislation regarding confidential data destruction, and remain at the forefront of the UK data security industry.

We want as many customers as possible to experience the benefit of our brand new Micromat shredder, so stay tuned to the Datashredders blog for details of a very special offer we’ve been cooking up. If you have any document or data shredding requirements in the meantime, just dial the number at the top of this page, fill in an enquiry form via our contact us page or send an email to