The Datashredders Guide to Office Clearances

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Your office clearance will be a busy time. In this age of computerised document archiving there is not as much need to retain paper copies of documents and records. This means we can regularly clear out old paperwork, as well as cardboard, plastic and even obsolete office equipment. There is an obligation for businesses to be environmentally conscious and adopt ethical methods of getting rid of business information, but how do you go about it when you’re already busy with removal work?

Office Paper Shredding

Your office clearance will require a large amount of paperwork to be shredded and documents destroyed. Put confidential office paper shredding in safe hands, where old surplus paperwork is rapidly shredded. Lockable office cabinets or wheelie bins which comply with the UK Data Protection Act will give you peace of mind. By choosing this method, data will become irretrievable. From an eco-friendly point of view, it’s worth knowing that 99% of our shredded paper can be recycled.

Cardboard Recycling

Corrugated cardboard packing boxes are widely recycled. Unwanted brown paper or other thinner cardboard can be recycled, as long as it hasn’t been food stained and doesn’t have glitter on it. Do also include box files and ring binders for commercial shredding.

Plastic Recycling

A lot of plastic ends up at land-fill sites, or is found on beaches and in oceans as plastic pollution. Despite the versatility of plastic, only 29% gets recycled, however, because many people don’t know what types of plastic can be recycled.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is widely used for sheet film and strapping, which can be included for shredding and comes with the recycling logo #1. PET is also found within polyester work uniforms, office furniture upholstery, and carpeting.

During your office clearance, you can also send broken polypropylene (PP) boxes and plastic folders for shredding. PP is a recyclable polymer with the recycling logo #5.

Whilst at plastics recovery centres, PP must be separated from PET plastics and be colour-coded prior to the recycling process, you won’t have to do the sorting if you’re employing the services of a data shredding service, allowing you to avoid your plastics being put in landfill needlessly but without having to put in extra hours sorting your plastic into types.

Obsolete Items

Since Microsoft ended their support for Windows XP and now Vista, many computers and laptops have been replaced. You may need old computers securely disposed of during your office clearance. Avoid business data from falling into the wrong hands when selling your old equipment on – only total destruction of obsolete equipment prevents data breaches. Even laptops can be shredded by our robust shredder. A computer hard drive can be shredded into tiny pieces for cyber peace of mind.

During This Busy Time, You Can Be Eco-Friendly

For a UK office clearance, you need to have peace of mind about business confidentiality and data security by using a professional data shredding company like Datashredders. For those who want to clear out paperwork, cardboard, plastics and obsolete items, an office clearance doesn’t have to have a negative impact upon the environment. Sustainability for the paper and plastic industries can be achieved through recycling as much as possible and sending unlikely items for shredding and recycling with our holistic service, so why not call us in to take care of your office clearance shredding. We’ll be happy to make it as painless, and eco-friendly as possible.