How Datashredders Are Offering Businesses Double the Data Security

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Since this post was published, we’ve acquired an even more powerful industrial shredding machine! Check out our new Lindner Micromat 2000 here.

With the penalties for a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Data Protection Act reaching as high as £500,000, it’s never been more important that businesses have any confidential information that they no longer need to hold completely destroyed. That’s where we come in: outsource your document and data destruction to Datashredders and you’ll have access to the most secure confidential data shredding service out there. Why?

Our AXO FATSO double shredding machine is one of the only ones of its kind used by a UK shredding company. Where a regular industrial shredder will only push your shredding through one set of 16mm shafts, the AXO FATSO initially pushes it through a set of 22m shafts, then a set of regulation 16mm shafts. Not only that, but the machine’s 40% extra knife-tip force means laptops, hard drives and data discs will pass through just as easily as paper. The end result is shredding that’s roughly half the size of a normal shredder’s output, and half the size means double the security.

Our mobile shredding trucks can visit your premises and shred goods onsite, providing you with a certificate of destruction there and then. We provide secure waste containers free of charge, which can be wheeled out and slotted into our mobile shredders, ensuring unauthorised hands never touch your confidential information. These waste containers come as office-style pedestals or larger wheelie bins, and all shredding can be directed there, no matter whether it’s paper, plastic or metal – and there’s no need to remove staples or binders either. Datashredders’ shredding machines can take care of it all.

So many shredding companies out there ask you to bag up and separate shredding, remove staples and binders or even transport shredding to their headquarters yourself – but Datashredders realise that time is precious in business, and yours can be better spent than that. With the peace of mind offered by the AXO FATSO double shredder and the fact that certified, accredited data shredding professionals will be handling your confidential waste disposal, there’s no reason not to get in touch with Datashredders today.