How Domestic Shredding Customers Can Benefit from Datashredders’ New Lindner Micromat 2000

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Most of us have confidential waste that we need to dispose of from time to time. Whether it’s paperwork from an old job, records from a home business or simply personal bank statements or other financial paperwork, it’s likely you’ve got waste that shouldn’t just be thrown in the bin.

Rather than spending hours feeding individual sheets into a small desktop shredder, handing over your sensitive waste to Datashredders is a much faster, easier and more secure solution, especially with our recent acquisition of a Lindner Micromat 2000 shredder, one of the most advanced shredding machines on the market today.

Why shred domestic waste?

The reasons for a business shredding its waste are clear-cut – there is a legal requirement for secure disposal of confidential information. But as an individual, what are the advantages of professional shredding? Many of our domestic clients use us to shred documentation from past jobs – they may have retired from a professional career such as GP, accountant or financial advisor, and need to get rid of confidential client data. They may run a business from home and have customer records to discard securely, while some of our domestic customers simply want to shred personal records like old bank statements. Whatever the nature of your sensitive waste, the good news is that our new Micromat shredder is constantly working to reduce waste to tiny pieces, each no larger than a postage stamp, and we’re happy to take on any size of job.

Added security

Because our new Micromat shredder can handle up to 96 tonnes of waste per day, your confidential paperwork ends up mixed in with shredded material from many other sources. Tiny pieces of your old bank statements might be split between several different bales of waste, putting them far beyond the reach of even the most determined data thief!

Environmentally friendly

The output of the Micromat shredder is baled up and then sent for recycling – we recycle 99% of our shredded paper. When you send your waste to us, you know that it’s far more secure than just throwing it into a domestic recycling bin, but you can rest assured that it’s still being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

All types of material

Have you thought about all the places you have sensitive data stored at home? It’s likely not just to be paperwork. You probably have storage devices like floppy discs, USB sticks and hard drives at the back of drawers or cupboards, many of them now obsolete but still potentially holding data that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. The good news is that our new Micromat shredder can handle all your waste – that’s not just paperwork, but hard drive storage and even laptops and old phones. That’s right – you can give us an old laptop and we can shred it so any data still on it is completely irretrievable.

You might assume that a professional shredding service doesn’t take on small domestic shredding jobs, but Datashredders is happy to shred any type and amount of waste, whether you’re a business or an individual. You don’t even need to separate paper shredding from other types, nor do we ask you to remove staples or binders – the mighty Micromat can take care of it all!

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