Watford Double Shredding Services

Mobile paper shredding services is used by many companies in Watford, and generally they shred their data into 16mm wide strips. This is because it meets ESN15713 regulations and has become common practice. There are though, some Watford based companies that need a far more secure shredding solution.

Watford Datashredders are experts in on site paper shredding. They have just started using a method of shredding designed for businesses that require greater confidentiality in the form of a double shredding machine that will cut your confidential documents into 8mm pieces, offering 2 times the confidentiality to your business in Watford.

In Watford, this double shredder will shred your confidential data twice, so if a document, after it has been shredded, ends in 20 strips, this new shredder will leave you with double that, rendering the shredding paper completely useless, should the data get stolen.

There are businesses that will handle more confidential data than others, but in our experience, when it comes to mobile paper shredding services in Watford, security should be the top priority. We will always advise companies to use this mobile shredding service if they are thinking on site paper shredding services in Watford.