Double Shredding Services in Ipswich

It is common for companies that use secure document shredding in Ipswich to shred documents into 16mm wide strips. This is common practice and meets ESN15713 guidelines. Some businesses in Ipswich though require a more advanced form of shredding.

Ipswich Datashredders, experts in secure document shredding, have just starting using a brand new shredding machine for those that require more confidentiality. This machine will shred your confidential documents to roughly 8mm wide, offering twice the security to your companies in Ipswich.

In Ipswich, this new double shredding machine has the capabilities of two shredders, which means it can shred your confidential data two times. If a document, after shredding, ends up in 20 bits, this new shredder will leave you with 40 bits, making the shredding unreadable, should the data go missing.

Yes, there are companies who need to dispose of more confidential data than others, but in our opinion security should be taken just as seriously for all businesses when it comes to shredding in Ipswich. We would strongly advise any company to use this service when thinking about shredding in Ipswich.