How Much Time and Money Could a Commercial Shredding Service Save Your Business?

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Protecting your business’s and customers’ sensitive information is crucial, not only to keep your company’s reputation intact, but also to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved.  Corporate fraud and identity theft are two of the fastest growing crimes in the UK, so it’s essential that your business does everything it can to protect all confidential documents whilst adhering to all legal requirements outlined in the Data Protection Act and other security legislation.

The single most effective way of preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands is by shredding any documents, computers, laptops, hard drives and anything else storing confidential data once they’re no longer used.

Easy-peasy, that’s just another admin task that one of your staff can complete, right? Wrong! Handing a member of staff a pile of documents and the office shredder might seem like the most obvious thing to do, but this is a mistake. Firstly, if documents are shredded incorrectly, it can pose a risk of others discovering the information. You’re also taking away that staff member from other, more profitable duties – and if you multiply the revenue you’re missing out on by the number of times you’ll be asking that staff member to undertake massive shredding jobs, you’re looking at big losses. So if having your staff do your confidential shredding isn’t the way forward, what is? That’s where Datashredders’ commercial document shredding services come in.

Secure and Confidential

Having Datashredders’ commercial data shredding experts an onsite confidential waste disposal service ensures your data remains secure. We provide secure waste containers which provide a clear destination for all of your confidential waste, and slot into our mobile shredding machines, ensuring the waste remains unseen and untouched by unauthorised hands. Back at base, we even have a state-of-the-art Lindner Micromat shredding machine, one of the most powerful industrial shredders on the market. For every shred, we provide a certificate of destruction – so we’re a much safer bet than an intern with an office shredder on avoiding an unexpected fine.

Time is Money

You might be wondering how outsourcing something as simple as shredding could save you money. But again, consider that you’re taking one or more staff members away from time they could spend generating revenue for the business – and the more shredding you have, the more revenue you’re missing out on. Choose Datashredders’ commercial shredding service and we can have tons of waste disposed of in minutes – imagine the same amount being fed sheet-by-sheet into an office shredder!

You’re Never Too Small to Be a Victim

Thousands of business owners in the UK have been made victims of fraud because they simply believe nobody would ever want to steal their confidential data. But smaller businesses still hold confidential data that criminals can use – staff records, bank statements and so on – so whether you’re a multi-million pound legal practice or a tiny local tea room, there’s always a way for a fraudster to turn any confidential data into money. Low-tech fraudsters’ most common way of stealing information is by diving into bins and removing any paperwork with details still intact. Employing a commercial shredding service eliminates the risk of this happening.

Avoid the Fines

If failing to outsource your shredding results in your private documents being handled by the wrong person, then you may face serious consequences. The fines for a breach of the Data Protection Act can reach up to £500,000 – combine this with anything taken by those committing the fraud and it may have devastating consequences for your business. Ensuring that professionals take care of your shredding and confidential waste disposal eliminates the risk of such a disastrous event occurring.

Quick, Quiet, Clean and Convenient!

Feed something into your office shredder. Noisy, isn’t it? Multiply that by the amount of shredding you’ve got to get through and that’s a very loud noise for a very long time, resulting in an entire office full of people who can’t possibly concentrate. You’ve also probably got a great deal of messy shredded paper all over the place, no matter how careful you were. Contrast that with the convenience of Datashredders’ commercial shredding service – your data shredding expert will arrive in one of our mobile shredding trucks, collect either your Datashredders secure waste container or shredding sacks (even from archives, basements or attics – you need not lift a finger), and process everything for you outside of the premises and away from staff hard at work.

So if you have a business, let the professionals take things into their hands! Choose Datashredders’ onsite shredding servive and have your documents disposed of securely, safely and quickly, avoid breaches of legal requirements and keep staff members doing what they do best. It’s amazing how something like outsourcing your shredding can save your business so much time and money – to find out how much Datashredders can save you, simply dial the number at the top of this page or fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page.