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Queries such as ‘how to dispose of a hard drive’, ‘how to destroy a hard drive’ and ‘how to destroy a laptop hard drive’ are being searched for with greater frequency as more and more people get wise to digital security, and are anxious to protect their data. So, what answers are they finding? Generally, destroying a personal hard drive at home involves two steps: 1) wiping the information digitally, and 2) physically destroying it.


How to Destroy a Hard Drive – the Hard Way

For anyone thinking of taking hard drive destruction into their own hands, we urge you to think about your protection. There are methods which will destroy your hard drive – or at least make it totally unusable. But you will need the right tools, you will need some protective gear, and you will make a mess! When using certain methods small components may fly out of the hard drive, and you must also take care that you do not breathe in any of the dust or chemicals which are released.

Step 1: Put on a pair of safety goggles, gloves and a mask.

Step 2: Unscrew the back of your laptop, or open the front of your PC. Unscrew all screws to release the enclosure containing the hard drive.

Step 3: Use a hammer to hit the hard drive enclosure so it opens. The hard drive inside will resemble a CD-like silver disk. Remove it from the enclosure.

Step 4: Hit the disk with a hammer multiple times. Scratch and dent the hard drive to make the hard drive unusable.

Step 5: Collect up all the broken components and take to your local recycling centre.


How to Destroy a Hard Drive – the Datashredders Way

Fortunately, there are easier ways to get rid of your hard drive.

If you’re not sure how to open up your PC or laptop, and don’t really want the hassle, Datashredders are happy to step up to the task. Give us a call and we could even drive to your door to shred your hard drive as well as any old files and documents with one of our mobile shredding vans. Our machines will shred your hard drive into tiny fragments. No one will be able to retrieve your personal data after that. Account numbers, login details, passwords – all of this data can be recorded on a hard drive. Whether it’s your personal or professional information, it’s up to you to keep this data safe – even when you no longer need it. You will feel much safer once Datashredders have destroyed your old hard drive.


Other Data Drives and Computer Equipment – What Should Be Shredded?

When emptying an archive or store room, you’re bound to find CDs, floppy disks and old videos which also need to be disposed of. And if your laptop is out of date, and you’re happy for it to be shredded too – our machines can handle it. There are lots of other devices which can be overlooked in the clear-out like mp3 players and USBs which contain personal data, photos and emails and ought to be destroyed. Don’t overlook these – we certainly don’t.

So, how will you destroy your hard drive? Will it be a DIY effort with a hammer? Or will you turn to the professionals at Datashredders?