Double Shredding Services in Colchester

Businesses that use on site paper shredding in Colchester will normally shred documents to about passport size (16mm wide pieces). This is fine and meets with ESN15713 guidelines. But for some companies in Colchester this shredding isn’t the required amount.

Colchester Datashredders are specialists in on site paper shredding, and have just got a new shredding machine for those that need added security. This machine will shred your confidential documents to approximately 1/2 the usual size, offering double security to your business in Colchester.

In Colchester, this new double shredding machine, is one shredder with the ability of two. It’s able to shred your confidential data twice. If a document is 20 pieces after shredding, this machine will shred it into 40 pieces, making the shredding illegible, should the data fall in to the wrong hands. It is highly unlikely that this will happen though.

Of course, there are businesses who deal data that is more confidential than others, but we think that security should be taken just as seriously for all companies when it comes to shredding in Colchester. We would suggest using this service to any company seeking out shredding, in Colchester or in any other town.