Introducing the New High Security Double Cut Shredder

When carrying out mobile paper shredding services, most companies will shred to a size comparable to that of a passport. This is about 16mm accross and is enough to meet ESN15713 standards. For some companies though, this level of shredding still isn’t secure enough.

Datashredders have acquired a new shredder for these companies, which will shred your confidential documents to approximately half the standard size, giving added security for certain organisations.

The new machine, a double shredder, is effectively two shredders built into one. It will shred your documents as normal and then automatically shred them again. Basically, if a document is usually shred into 20 pieces, this machine will shred it into 40 pieces. So in the highly unlikely event of the shredded documents ‘falling into the wrong hands’, it will now be much more difficult, if not impossible, to be pieced together.

Datashredders, experts in mobile paper shredding services, are one of only a few companies to have such a secure machine for shredding, so you would have to travel to London to find the next nearest double shredder.

Even though some businesses deal with more confidential data than others, we believe all companies should be treated with the same level of security. We would strongly recommend this service to any company looking for mobile paper shredding services.