Cambridge Shredding Services

Many businesses that uses mobile paper shredding in Cambridge will usually shred data to the size of a passport (16mm wide pieces). This is in line with ESN15713 standards. For some businesses in Cambridge though, this isn’t satisfactory.

Cambridge Datashredders are on site paper shredding specialists, and have recently obtained a new shredder for these businesses. It will shred your confidential documents to approximately half the average size, offering double security to your business in Cambridge.

Cambridge University.In Cambridge, this new double shredder, is two shredders rolled into one. It’s sole purpose is shredding your documents not once, but two times. If a document is 20 pieces after shredding, this machine will shred it into 40. So in the unlikely event of the shredding being stolen, it will now be almost impossible to be use for anything.

Some businesses obviously deal with more confidential data than others, but we believe that they all should be as secure as each other when it comes to shredding in Cambridge. We would highly recommend this service to any company seeking out shredding, in Cambridge or anywhere.