Colchester Shredding Services

In these tough economic times, are you looking to eliminate any expenditure that doesn’t provide the best value for money? Outsourcing your confidential document destruction to a mobile shredding company is a cheaper alternative to destroying confidential waste in-house.

To shred confidential waste it takes an employee hours to do the same task that a shredding company operating in Colchester can do in minutes. Datashredders state of the art shredding equipment is designed to destroy 100% of all materials to an unidentifiable, unrecognisable degree, guaranteed. You can use Datashredders mobile shredding services who operate in Colchester without disrupting your business at all. Outsourcing means there’s no equipment to buy and it frees up your staff to work on more profitable tasks.
Datashredders offer a mobile shredding service in Colchester and the surrounding area which takes care of the destruction of confidential information in the most secure way possible – at your premises. This gives you the opportunity to witness the shredding of your confidential waste at your premises in Colchester, thus ensuring that no material leaves your site in a whole state.

Using a mobile shredding service that comes directly to your door in Colchester means that your confidential documents remain just that – confidential. The security and privacy of your confidential waste begins the moment they are deposited into your office’s Datashredders bin or cabinet. You can choose from a selection of containers – from large volume bins to wood effect office style cabinets. You will hold a master key, as will our Datashredders mobile shredding team, who can easily remove and shred your confidential waste quickly and efficiently when shredding on your doorstep in Colchester.

Datashredders mobile shredding service uses an industrial high capacity cross cut shredder which is able to shred a variety of materials, not just paper and cardboard which is what you might assume. Our shredder will take anything from tape cassettes, computer disks, hard drives and even uniform clothing. So whatever kind of business you’re operating in Colchester or the surrounding area, you can dispose of important information quickly and securely using our mobile shredding service.

And whether your requirements are enough for a regularly-scheduled shredding service in Colchester or any other locations you may have offices, or just a one time mobile shredding service when needed, our process is the same for either service option. Datashredders will make sure that your confidential information remains confidential.

What’s more, with our shredding service we recycle 99% of materials. As an environmentally responsible company, your shredded waste is compacted into the rear compartment of the vehicle, locked, and taken from Colchester to our baling facility where it is compounded into bales which are sent on to paper mills in the UK for the manufacture of tissue products and various paper products. So, with mobile shredding you’re not just looking after your company’s interests but also looking after the environment!

Double Shredding Services in Colchester

Colchester castle.Businesses that use on site paper shredding in Colchester will normally shred documents to about passport size (16mm wide pieces). This is fine and meets with ESN15713 guidelines. But for some companies in Colchester this shredding isn’t the required amount.

Colchester Datashredders are specialists in on site paper shredding, and have just got a new shredding machine for those that need added security. This machine will shred your confidential documents to approximately 1/2 the usual size, offering double security to your business in Colchester.

In Colchester, this new double shredding machine, is one shredder with the ability of two. It’s able to shred your confidential data twice. If a document is 20 pieces after shredding, this machine will shred it into 40 pieces, making the shredding illegible, should the data fall in to the wrong hands. It is highly unlikely that this will happen though.

Of course, there are businesses who deal data that is more confidential than others, but we think that security should be taken just as seriously for all companies when it comes to shredding in Colchester. We would suggest using this service to any company seeking out shredding, in Colchester or in any other town.

So whatever business you’re in, make sure you protect your company, your clients and your reputation by using Datashredders mobile shredding services. Call us now on 01206 209321.