Shredding Services in Leicester

Many people who run companies are worried about important, confidential information falling into the wrong hands, and rightly so. With numerous threats of fraud and identity theft, many companies are turning to using a secure shredding service. Such is the amount of sensitive information held by companies, it has become absolutely necessary to destroy documents. You should, therefore, be using a secure shredding service, the type of which can be found in Leicester.

Datashredders can visit business and domestic premises alike and shred all of your confidential waste onsite. There’s no need to waste valuable time seperating paper from plastic from cardboard, no need to remove binders and staples, and we’ll even provide you with secure waste containers free of charge! Our Lindner Micromat 2000 double shredding machine can handle as much 480 tonnes of shredding a week, 95% of which comes out no larger than a postage stamp, ensuring your confidential information is completely irretrievable. For more information or to book a shred, just call 0808 223 8945

Why should I outsource my shredding?

Leicester railways station.When you need to get rid of your data, think very carefully about how you’re going to do it. Shredding offers a secure way of disposing of sensitive material – whether you’re in Harlow or Leicester.

As you may already know, the Data Protection Act requires all companies to dispose of their confidential information correctly to avoid serious penalty. Incorrect disposal of confidential information can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of any business. It is therefore essential to have secure system plan in place, such as using a shredding service, to prevent all unauthorised access to confidential or business-critical data and forms an integral part of the information management cycle. Compliance with the Data Protection Act means that using a secure shredding service is essential for any business.

It is important to use a shredding service which ensures you keep those sensitive documents out of the wrong hands, protects the clients and employees who trust you with their confidential information, which also ensures your organisation is protected. There are a number of companies which can offer a highly secure shredding service of confidential waste, many of which are based in Leicester. To give you the opportunity to witness the secure shredding of your confidential waste, we advise you use a shredding service which takes care of the destruction of confidential information in the most secure way possible – at your premises, thus ensuring that no material leaves your premises in a whole state.

Some shredders will take anything from tape cassettes, computer disks, hard drives and even uniform clothing, so it is advisable to find a secure shredding service which uses a high capacity shredder which is able to shred a variety of materials, not just paper and cardboard which is what you might assume. This way, whatever kind of business you’re in, you can dispose of important information quickly and securely using a shredding service which uses a high capacity shredder, as is the case in shredding services in Leicester.

Because of the need for secure storage, you should look for a shredding service which provides storage services. To ensure that your confidential documents are not handled by anybody, many of the shredding services in Leicester have a wide selection of containers to store your confidential waste. In order for members of the shredding company to easily remove and shred your confidential waste quickly and efficiently, it is likely to be the case that you will hold a master key, as will members of the company.

By using a secure shredding service you can witness the immediate destruction of the materials from collection point, ensuring no security breaches at any point in the process. You will also be handed a certificate so that you can keep your own records of your company’s shredded waste with some shredding services, those in Leicester included.

Once shredded your waste is taken to a baling facility where it is compounded into bales which are then sent on for the manufacture of various paper products, if you use a shredding service which recycles a high percentage of its waste (ideally 99% of materials). In Leicester, high percentages of materials are recycled , and shredding services there have a good environmental track record. This way you’re not just looking after your company’s interests but also looking after the environment!

Finding the right shredding service will offer you the secure solution that meets your needs, and using a secure shredding service will also save you time and money. you should be able to choose how regularly you want us to visit and you will not need to recruit or pay any staff to be responsible for your confidential waste. Your document destruction needs are going to be unique to your company and your industry, and whatever this is, make sure you protect your clients, your company and your reputation by taking our advice and using a secure shredding service offered in Leicester.