Northampton Shredding Services

Outsourcing your confidential document destruction to a shredding Northampton based company, (and many other cities) is a cheaper alternative to disposing of your own confidential waste, and that’s what many companies in Northampton are choosing to do.

Most companies, Shredding Northampton or otherwise use state of the art equipment, designed to destroy 100% of all waste so it is no longer recognisable. Everywhere, including shredding Northampton will not disrupt your business at all. Outsourcing your shredding means that there’s nothing to buy and your staff will be able to work on money making jobs.

You will find companies based in all major cities for shredding Northampton, Cambridge, Leicester and all of these should carry out the destruction of your private waste in the safest possible way, which is at your company’s premises. This way you can witness the shredding of your confidential waste.

Having worked with many companies shredding in Northampton and otherwise, they tend to use an industrial high capacity cross cut shredder which is able to shred many materials, as opposed to just paper and cardboard. These shredders will destroy tape cassettes, computer disks, hard drives and even uniform clothing.

The regularity of on-site shredding services you require should be the regularity delivered. Companies shredding Northampton or anywhere else for that matter should make changes to your service depending on your business size. This also allows you the flexibility to choose when the company visits.

Whether your requirements are enough for regularly-scheduled mobile shredding services in the Northampton area or just a one time mobile shredding service, the process is the same for either service option. The company will make sure that your confidential information remains confidential.

Shredding companies aim to recycle 99% of materials. As environmentally responsible companies, your shredded waste will be taken from Northampton, or wherever your company is based to a baling facility. There it will be compounded into bales. These are used for the manufacture of tissue products and other paper products. Therefore, by using on-site shredding you’re not just looking after your company but helping the environment also!

Remember, in-house shredding takes time; on site mobile shredding in and around Northampton comes directly to you, and can be scheduled in at any time at your convenience.

Northampton Double Shredding Services

Northampton market.So many companies use mobile shredding services in Northampton to shred their data into 16mm wide strips. This is because it meets ESN15713 regulations. However there are some Northampton based companies that need a more secure shredding solution.

Northampton Datashredders, experts in on site paper shredding, have just began to use a whole new method of shredding for businesses that require more confidentiality. It is a  double shredding machine that will shred your confidential documents to 8mm strips, offering double the confidentiality to your business in Northampton.

In Northampton, this all-new twin shredding machine serves as two shredders in one, which basically means it will shred your confidential data twice. If a certain document, after it has been shredded, ends up as 20 strips, this new shredder will leave you with twice as many, rendering the waste useless, should the data get ‘end up with the wrong person’.

There are some companies who will handle more confidential data than others, but in our experience when it comes to shredding in Northampton security should be of the upmost importance for all businesses. We always advise companies to use this service if they are considering mobile shredding services in Northampton.