Peterborough Shredding Services

If you are looking for data shredding services in Peterborough we can help. With our Cambridgeshire head office located nearby we are on hand to fulfil your data shredding needs.

“Many thanks for today. What a weight off my mind. Your boys are charming by the way!”

Domestic customer, Peterborough

Datashredders are based in March, just a stone’s throw away from Peterborough, so are perfectly placed to provide mobile document shredding, data shredding, hard drive shredding and other confidential waste disposal services to both commercial and residential customers in this beautiful cathedral city. We serve clients in Peterborough and smaller surrounding towns such as Alwalton, Marholm, Parnwell, Farcet and Yaxley daily, and our proximity to these areas means we’re likely to be able to collect any amount of confidential information for either onsite shredding or to be taken back to our depot within a couple of days of your call. If you’d like to become one of Datashredders’ valued Peterborough shredding customers, simply call the number at the top of this page or submit an enquiry form via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to discuss your data shredding requirements.

Our courteous driver picks up shredding in the Peterborough area every Wednesday during the day. We are often able to pick up your documents on Tuesday and Friday afternoons as well. We have many clients in Peterborough city centre, as well as in the Ortons, Bretton, Werrington, Lynch Wood and then in Whittlesey on way back to our HQ via the A605. On a regular day we tend to cover off 20 shredding jobs in the area.

The team here at Datashredders is ready to help you shred all of your paperwork for a reasonable rate. Our services are convenient, and we provide you with all of the secure waste containers and/or shredding sacks that you need. We want to help you to protect your clients’ data – and your reputation.

If you work in certain industries, you are at an even higher risk. Medical files, legal documents, education records and tax paperwork are all attractive to data thieves. Don’t risk your business becoming the next target – paper shredding in Peterborough is the way to go.

No matter where you are located in Peterborough, we are happy to help you deal with all of your paper shredding needs – get in touch today by calling the number at the top of this page or filling in a contact form for a free quote!

Peterborough Double Shredding Services

Plenty of companies use mobile paper shredding services in Peterborough to shred their data into 16mm wide strips. Because it meets ESN15713 regulations it has become common practice. There are some Peterborough based companies that need a more secure shredding solution however.

Peterborough Datashredders, experts in on site paper shredding, have just commenced with a brand new method of shredding for businesses that require greater confidentiality. This is a double shredding machine that will cut your confidential documents into 8mm pieces, offering 2 times the confidentiality to your business in Peterborough.

In Peterborough, this all-new shredding machine serves as a double shredder, which basically means it will shred your confidential data twice. If a particular document, after it has been shredded, ends in 20 strips, this new shredder will leave you with double that, rendering the shredding paper completely useless, should the data get ‘end up in the wrong hands’.

Some companies will handle more confidential data than others, but in our experience when it comes to shredding in Peterborough security should be top of the list for all businesses. We always advise companies to use this mobile shredding service if they are considering on site paper shredding services in Peterborough.