Watford Paper Shredding Services

Every day many people fall victim to identity theft – the stealing of a person or a business’ identity and personal information.

Whether you live in Watford or Wellingborough, Scarborough or Southend, shredding your data or employing a company to shred your business’ confidential documents is a wise move to keep the identity criminals at bay.

Imagine for a moment, you are running a business in Watford and currently you don’t operate any kind of shredding system for you and your colleagues. When you’ve finished with a document and it no longer needs filing you simply put it out with the rubbish or tear it by hand.

You’re awaiting some really important documents on the eve of securing a major deal for the company. The sender swears that the documentation has been sent but it’s not arrived.

At this point there’s a very good chance you have become the latest victim of identity theft.

Shredding all your documentation at your Watford business would have reduced the risk of identity theft considerably.

These days there are so many options to help you tackle the shredding issue. You could contract in an outside company to come to your Watford offices and securely shred all your paperwork, for instance.

The Pyramid in Watford.Alternatively, you could pop into your office products dealership and take advice on the many shredders out there to find the right one for your shredding needs.

Whatever course of action you decide to take always make sure you implement a robust shredding policy at your Watford business and ensure that all your staff understand the importance of disposing of sensitive information safely and securely. It is well worth the time and effort if you want to stop your business from becoming a victim of identity theft.