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Shredding Services London

Datashredders is a market leading confidential waste specialist that offers document destruction and secure shredding services in London and all over the UK.

Whether you have a few documents that need disposing of securely or thousands of pages, Datashredders provides cost-effective shredding services and an on-site shredding solution that sets us apart from our competitors.

And it’s not just paperwork that we can shred. We dispose of hard drives securely and offer destruction services to protect information on any electronic device that is no longer needed.

We can arrange regular document shredding or one-off waste disposal across a wide range of industries, from small SME businesses and private households to large corporate companies and government bodies.

Fully accredited and operating within the very highest standards of security, we can guarantee that your confidential documents never fall into the wrong hands.

All of our services across the business comply with the latest UK Data Protection Law and meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

To protect your information from being stolen, contact us online or phone our office on 01604 549034.

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Confidential Waste Disposal London

  • Shredding services in London are vital for the secure disposal of confidential material. Names, addresses, financial details and other sensitive information, even an audit trail, can easily be stolen from waste paperwork and discarded hard drives.
  • Erasing, reformatting, wiping or degaussing electronic devices does not properly delete documents. Those who have the knowledge can still access confidential information that can easily be used for identity theft.
  • Using leading shredding companies like Datashredders also saves you from doing your own shredding . We provide document shredding services so that you don't need to worry about waste disposal and can spend time elsewhere in the office.
  • Companies that offer professional London paper shredding will dispose of your waste in accordance with the latest UK Data Protection Law and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Secure Shredding Services London

London On-Site Document Shredding

On-site shredding is a service that is not offered by many professional shredding companies. Datashredders are different. We are able to shred your documents and confidential materials on site, using our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles.

Datashredders staff will come to your London premises and you can watch as they load your filled sacks or waste containers directly into the shredder, ensuring that your sensitive information never touches unauthorised hands.

We provide shredding services on-site that are efficient, affordable and secure.

London Off-Site Paper Shredding Services

On-site shredding is a service that is not offered by many professional shredding companies. Datashredders are different. We are able to shred your documents and confidential materials on site, using our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles.

Datashredders staff will come to your London premises and you can watch as they load your filled sacks or waste containers directly into the shredder, ensuring that your sensitive information never touches unauthorised hands.

We provide shredding services on-site that are efficient, affordable and secure.

Hard Drive Shredding London

Our media shredding services in London cover all electronic storage devices, such as hard drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, mobile phones, SD cards and other portable storage devices.

People with the relevant skills can extract data from even fragments of circuitry. This is why we use industrial-grade hydraulic shredders for hard drive destruction, destroying the mechanisms, drive platters and electronic components of your digital media so thoroughly that nothing will be recoverable.

All resulting material from the secure destruction is sent to an Energy from Waste Plant near London, where it is incinerated to generate electricity that powers homes across the UK.

Commercial Paper Shredding London

London businesses have a responsibility to safely dispose of confidential data not just on their own behalf, but on behalf of their employees and clients as well.

Failure to comply with data protection laws can lead to large fines and severely damage the reputation of companies.

Datashredders’ most popular commercial paper waste services include weekly, monthly and bi-monthly disposal frequencies. We will work with you to tailor our service to your business requirements.

Residential Shredding London

Datashredders don’t only accommodate businesses. We provide a flexible document shredding service that can be brought to your London doorstep and used for the secure destruction of any quantity of documents, large or small.

Whether you work from home or have old bills, bank statements and other personal documents to shred securely, our mobile shredding service is perfect for you.

We can shred paper, plastic and digital media all in one go, so all you need to do is bung everything into one sack or container and we’ll take care of the rest on-site.

One-Off Shredding Services London

If you don’t require regular destruction services, that’s no problem! Datashredders has the capacity to provide a one-off office clearance service for our London customers.

We will visit your premises and perform a full clearance of anything suitable for our confidential shredding machines, shredding anything which can be shredded and removing whatever else we can for reuse or recycling.

This service is available to both our domestic and commercial customers and requires no work on your part. If you have a crowded space that needs clearing out, don’t lift a finger – our shredding team and shredding machines can take care of it for you.

London Shredding Services for Hybrid Work

Widespread adoption of hybrid working in London has meant that confidential information is sometimes stored at employees’ homes.

Confidential waste management policies and practices now need to align with hybrid working to ensure paper waste and media located off site is managed and disposed of securely.

We offer two types of shredding service for hybrid workers: one where sacks are delivered to the employee’s house and the employee brings the sacks to office for us to shed; or, one where we collect confidential waste from your company’s office and then drive to the employee’s house to collect theirs.

Get a quick quote for shredding in London

How much does it cost to shred a box of documents?

Visit our website and click on the ‘Quick Quote’ button on the toolbar. Fill out the form to get an idea of how much secure document shredding will cost based on your needs.  Alternatively, get in touch with our London team to speak to a member of staff directly about Datashredders’ London document destruction services. Generally, you will be charged by the weight of material shredded. Off-site shredding will cost less than if you shred on-site.

Why do people choose us?

Paper Shredding Experts

  • Datashredders was established in the year 2000, meaning that we have over 20 years’ experience in the media destruction and paper shredding industry. In that time, we have fine-tuned our confidential shredding service and seen some great advancements in shredding technology. We use the state-of-the-art Linder Micromat, which is able to provide far greater efficiency, security and capacity than other industrial shredding machines.

Caring for the Environment

  • Datashredders has a strict Zero to Landfill policy. One hundred percent of our shredded paper is recycled at UK mills, while metals and plastics are resold to manufacturers, recycled, made into Refuse Derived Fuel, or sent to Energy from Waste plants to generate energy for the National Grid.

Shredding Services You Can Trust

  • Datashredders is 100% compliant with General Data Protection Regulations and European Information Destruction Standards (BS EN 15713:2009).
  • Our premium management system is regularly inspected by the British Standards Institute and is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • Our staff are all security vetted to BS7858 and have a 10-year background check before hire. They wear uniforms and can be identified by their ID badges.
  • We use tracked vehicles to transport your private information.
  • Our business is accredited by the British Security Industry Association and a full member of the Shredding Alliance.

Contact Us and Talk To Us Today

  • Our affordable and convenient services are tailored to each individual client. Speak to our friendly London staff to find the secure shredding service that can best meet your requirements.
  • Previous clients range across a wide spectrum of industries, from small SME businesses, GP practices, residential care homes and private households, to large corporate organisations, local authorities, government bodies and NHS trusts.

Enquire about Datashredder’s document shredding services by visiting our contact us page and emailing Otherwise, why not give us a call 0208 242 9411 and speak to our London office?

Directions to Datashredders London

From Paddington Station, head north to the M1, in the rough direction of the East Barnet district. Stay on the M1 until you reach Junction 13, take the A421 exit to Bedford/M. Keynes (S). At Black Cat Roundabout, take the fist exit onto Great N Rd/A1. Continue on the A1 until you come to a slip road for Thrapston Rd/A141. Stay on the A141until you pass through Wimblington. After St Peter’s Church, you want the second right hand turning onto Eastwood End, not the one by K Harpham precision Engineering. Datashredders is on the left.

From Heathrow Airport, head for the M25. At Junction 21, use the left two lanes to merge onto the M1 towards Luton Airport. Then follow the directions above for Datashredders’ document shredding services London.

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Visit this address for paper shredding, London:

2, Eastwood Industrial Estate,
Eastwood End,
PE15 0QH

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