On-site Paper Shredding Services

If your company maintains any of the following; financial records, personnel files, estimates, product proposals, classified documents, invoices, customer information, bank statements, medical records, legal documents, contracts, sensitive personal data, tax reports, names, addresses or telephone numbers then an on site paper shredding service will be suitable for you.

The on site paper shredding company will provide you with secure storage cabinets. The storage cabinets are specifically designed for holding confidential material. Security is assured through their construction and high security locks. Confidential waste is deposited into the units via a paper slot located at the top of the unit. The storage cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, depending upon your collection frequency. They can also be available in different colours, there are even wooden storage cabinets to match your office furniture.

An on site paper shredding service allows you to remain in control of your sensitive information. Once information is allowed to leave your site in the waste bin or in the hands of a recycling company, the company has been put at risk. A truck mounted industrial shredder will stop any information going off site. The on site shredding will be removed and recycled and there will be a guarantee that no data is left un-shredded.

The company will provide assurances that the employees handling the on site paper shredding service have been CRB checked and that each individual has signed a confidentiality agreement. It should be obvious from the livery of the visiting van that you are dealing with the company you have the agreement with and it is very important that each employee will be wearing their ID badge. You want complete peace of mind, to be secure in the fact that your sensitive data has been shredded and is no longer possible for anyone to read them.

On site paper shredding companies will visit your site on either a scheduled basis or an ad-hoc basis. Visiting at a pre-determined time is often best, the person in your organisation responsible for the shredding will know when the van is due and can get the shredding ready. The van operatives will take the waste from your storage area to the vehicle, where it will be weighed and then shredded.

Typically an on site shredding van will be fast and efficient, shredding on average 1000 kilos of paper per hour. Once this service is completed a certificate of destruction will be issued. This certificate will show the weight and details of the collection.

The on site paper shredding van will take the shredded material, compact it, lock the rear of the van and transport the now baled waste to their depot, where it will be stored. After a period of time the collected bales are sent for recycling to plants within the UK. The company will be able to provide a full audit trail from collection, to shredding, to the recycled product. If the company is involved in a carbon offset scheme, you may even get an annual certificate to show how many trees your company has saved. Of course, it is not only paper that can be shredded, the shredding machines can also shred most digital media, such as CD’s and DVD’s.

The on site paper shredding company should be compliant with the new  British Standard BS 8470:2006 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material. This includes security levels, vetting of personnel (to BS 7858:2004), contracts with customers and recycling. All services provided have full auditable waste streams and conform to the Environmental Agency and Government Legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998.