Paper Recycling 101

In today’s society there is always a need and an obligation for businesses to be as “green” as possible; working to reduce their impact on the environment. There are numerous ways in which organisations can be environmentally responsible, and one of these is with paper recycling.

Despite many businesses going digital and paperless, in certain sectors like healthcare, legal, education and for government authorities, there is still very much a need for paper documents, including patient notes, legal paperwork or official records.

Put your paper in safe hands

After a period of time, certain paperwork may no longer be needed, but to ensure complete and secure data protection it must be destroyed in the most effective (and environmentally responsible!) way. Choosing a secure and controlled document destruction method like paper shredding, that also recycles shredded paper is the perfect solution for both aspects.

Firstly, it will ensure you meet the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act in the UK, with all sensitive data being safely and securely disposed of and completely destroyed. This in turn will prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. For added peace of mind, Datashredders issues customers with a certificate of destruction to confirm files have been destroyed correctly.

What can be recycled?

When it comes to document destruction, there are a variety of items that can be recycled. With paper materials, they can be shredded into a pulp that is then recycled back into paper-based product. This includes recycling cardboard, palletised old papers, files and documents, magazines, school papers, as well as legal and medical files.

Have a positive impact on the environment

As part of your commitment to secure data destruction, it’s also important to consider the positive impact you can have when it comes to paper shredding and paper recycling. At Datashredders, we ensure that 99% of all the paper we shred is recycled. This all helps to reduce the demand on producing new paper from existing forests, as well as the amount of waste paper being put in landfills, and ensuring you’re adhering to national paper recycling objectives.

When it comes to paper recycling, whether you recycle cardboard, paper files or medical notes, it should always be about secure and eco-friendly solutions. This not only gives assurance to internal and external partners in organisations that data is in safe hands, but also demonstrates an environmentally responsible approach to paper recycling.

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