Document Shredding Services in Peterborough

Are you worried about your confidential information getting into the wrong hands? You’re not alone. That’s why more and more companies in the Peterborough area are turning to Datashredders. With a fleet of shredding vans ensuring we can reach any customer premises, a state-of-the-art Lindner Micromat 2000 Shredding Machine meaning no Cambridgeshire shredding company can match us for data security, and a local presence meaning we can collect and destroy your confidential waste within a couple of days of your call, we’re certain that if you choose Datashredders, you’ll never look back. Call 0808 223 8945 today to discuss your shredding requirements.

Every day your business receives or generates sensitive information. This may range from printed materials being produced by staff members and include everything from personal client information to strategic planning documents or medical records. With fraud, corporate espionage and identity theft a real threat today, you cannot afford to risk the security of your company or your business reputation and should be using an on-site shredding service.

Datashredders are based in March, near Peterborough and already provide a mobile shredding service of confidential waste to many companies within Peterborough city centre and the surrounding area. Our shredding service ensures you keep those sensitive documents out of the wrong hands, protects the clients and employees who trust you with their confidential information – and ensures your organisation is protected too.

Datashredders offer a mobile shredding service which takes care of the destruction of confidential information in the most secure way possible – at your premises. This gives you the opportunity to witness the secure shredding of your confidential waste on your site in Peterborough, thus ensuring that no material leaves your premises in a whole state.

Datashredders confidential shredding service uses a high capacity shredder which is able to shred a variety of materials, not just paper and cardboard. Our shredder will take anything from tape cassettes, computer disks, hard drives and even uniform clothing. So whatever kind of business you’re in, you can dispose of important information quickly and securely using our shredding service at your Peterborough premises.

We also recognise the need for secure storage. We can deliver to your Peterborough offices a selection of containers from large volume bins to wood effect office style cabinets, to store your confidential waste. Again, this ensures that your confidential documents are not handled by anybody. You will hold a master key, as will our Datashredders team, who can visit your Peterborough site as often as required to shred your waste quickly and efficiently.

And, what’s more, with our shredding service we recycle 99% of materials. Once shredded on your site in Peterborough, your waste is taken to our baling facility in March where it is compounded into bales which are then sent on for the manufacture of various paper products. So, you’re not just looking after your company’s interests but also looking after the environment!

Many companies today, in and around the Peterborough area use a secure shredding service as it saves you time and money. You do not need to recruit or pay any staff to be responsible for your confidential waste and you can choose how regularly you want us to visit.

Datashredders are your only local mobile shredding service in the Peterborough area. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your document destruction needs and we can guarantee that you’ll be well looked after by our team whether you are looking for a one off purge service or regular visits. We offer very competitive pricing as well as a friendly, efficient on-site shredding service.

So whatever business you’re in, make sure you protect your Peterborough based company by using Datashredders – your local choice for confidential on-site shredding. Call us now on 0808 223 8945.