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Shredded Card & Paper Recycling

Efficient, cost-effective commercial paper recycling services.

Whether you have confidential documents that need shredding or general surplus paper waste, we have the commercial paper shredding services for you.

100% secure, 100% efficient

Paper waste can be an unavoidable by-product of many businesses’ processes. But it can also be an opportunity. Partner with Datashredders and generate a return from your paper waste, while improving your green credentials.

We’ll collect your paper waste from your premises and transport it to our specialist paper recycling facility, where we shred and recycle 99% of all the paper we handle.

Our service is simple and efficient, so you can focus on more profitable tasks, safe in the knowledge that your paper waste is being recycled safely and with the environment in mind.

If it’s mainly confidential documents your business produces, our 100% secure shredding services have you covered. We can also provide confidential consoles and bins for all your private paperwork. Visit our commercial paper shredding services page to find out more.

How do we recycle paper?


All paper we receive is driven through our Lindner Micromat 2000 shredding machine. From there, shredding is baled and taken to a recycling centre, where the paper is pulped in a tank containing water and chemicals, which remove inks and separate fibres. Once inks and fibres have been removed, the pulp is spun in a container, which cleans the pulp until paper-white. The cleaned pulp is then sprayed onto a conveyor belt, which feeds it through large, heated rollers to remove excess moisture and achieve the correct level of thickness. After being pressed through the rollers, the paper is wound into rolls. These are then cut into paper.

How does recycling help the environment?

Recycling reduces the need for raw materials and cuts down on the energy levels needed to create paper (which is much higher than when using recycled materials). Landfill waste also releases pollutant greenhouse gases; recycling items helps reduce this pollution levels.

How many trees are saved by recycling paper?

Each ton (2000lbs) of paper that is recycled can save 17 trees – that means on average Datashredders save 204 trees per hour, 1,632 trees per day or 8,160 trees per week!

Datashredders also offer collections of baled or palletised waste paper or cardboard. This material is processed at our recycling facility and then transported to paper mills for the manufacture of paper products. This procedure reduces the need to destroy existing forests, complies with EC directives on paper recycling and reduces the need for landfill.

We are committed to best practice in environmental management and recognise our responsibility to identify, improve and control our impact on the environment from our business operations and recycle material whenever possible.

Our mixed bale collection service means we can collect a mix of materials on the same vehicle. Click here to find out more about all our plastic, paper and cardboard recycling services. Or call us on 0808 278 2336 to find out more about our commercial paper recycling solutions.

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See our new state of the art shredding and recycling facility

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new facility in Wimblington which has the capacity to process 500 tonnes of cardboard a week saving 8,500 trees every week!

The video shows the journey from May 2021 when the facility was lost to a major fire, to its re-opening at the same site, two years later in May 2023.

Memberships and Accreditations

  • We have a strict Zero to Landfill policy. 100% of the paper we shred is recycled at UK mills. All other materials are either recycled, made into Refuse Derived Fuel, or are sent to Energy from Waste plants to generate energy for the National Grid.
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  • “A really efficient service and, best of all, a really cheery greeting at 7 in the morning! We will definitely be using your organisation’s services again.”

  • “Many thanks to the boys who cleared the backlog of ‘stuff’ no longer needed from our office. They were efficient and helpful and we would recommend them to our contacts.”

  • “Outstanding…very quick, efficient and completely customer-friendly. I would definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues, and if we need more shredding I will come straight back to you.”

  • “The service I received from your operatives was second-to-none and be assured you will be used in the future and your company name will be passed on to others if asked.”