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Waste Management Regulations in the UK made it illegal for farms and other landowners to dispose of waste on their property by burning or burying it in 2006. As a response to this impactful change, Datashredders provides agricultural waste management and farm plastic recycling across the country.

We understand that the needs of a farm can vary from place to place. Businesses like this will almost always produce high amounts of plastic waste, and this makes it crucial that you have a way to deal with this that is more sustainable than simply using your regular landfill waste collection service.

If you have any of the following, give our friendly team a call. They are always happy to answer questions and offer advice, and you can get in touch by calling on xxxx or sending an email to

  • Silage Wrap
  • Fertiliser Bags
  • Other Farm Waste

You can either arrange to bring the waste to us or our team will pay a visit to handle your farm waste collection. We will always work hard to make sure that we are flexible to suit your needs.