Shredding Services for the Legal Sector

Perhaps more than any other industry, it’s crucial that organisations in the legal field such as law firms, barristers and courts keep their confidential paperwork secure, destroying it when necessary to maintain client security. Failure to properly do so not only puts a legal firm’s reputation at risk, but could also result in a company contravening the GDPR, the Data Protection Act and other security legislation.

How does legislation affect businesses?

Sanctions for this include hefty fines of up to £500, 000. Items which should be immediately destroyed by a legal firm once redundant include:

  • Invoices, receipts and account statements
  • Mail or printed email correspondence
  • Court records
  • Surplus or redundant computers, laptops and hard drives
  • Data on disc including compact discs, floppy discs and flash drives
  • Office equipment including ringbinders and lever arch files containing confidential paperwork

The legal field is all about protecting clients – and this should not be restricted to the courts themselves. Our shredding and double shredding machines render your firm’s confidential data completely irretrievable, and as there’s no need to separate paper shredding from computer equipment and office equipment, everything can be done in seconds. For a free, no-obligation quote, just dial the number at the top of the page or fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page.