How Do I Protect My Data? Business Data Protection Guidelines

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Cyber data security software is one aspect that plays an important role in business data security, although, even in organisations that use digital technology for data storage, there is still a need for traditional data storage methods that need to be kept secure.

Many healthcare organisations, legal practices and government authorities still have a need for paperwork and physical hard drive storage that often contains highly sensitive and confidential data. This means they need to look beyond cyber security to keep all elements of data safe and out of the wrong hands.

To help guarantee the best level of business data security, here are three top tips you should be implementing within your business.

Frequent shredding

One of the most important elements of data security is keeping on top of the data you have within your business. With most organisations managing multiple tasks and data on a daily basis, the process of document storage, archiving and destruction can become overwhelming if it isn’t managed and monitored efficiently.

Having a backlog of data, such as old files and documents makes your business more vulnerable to data breaches, so implementing regular shredding will help to reduce the risks. Depending on the volume of data you process and store, this could be daily, weekly or monthly, but putting a stringent process for frequent shredding in place will ensure data is appropriately destroyed once it is no longer needed.

Destroy hard drives

While paper trails are an obvious data breach risk, you also shouldn’t dismiss the risk of having unused hard drives and laptops lying around. They may appear to no longer be of use to you as a business, but they can still store important data. This is why as part of your business data security measures, you should look into laptop shredding and hard drive destroyer solutions, which will ensure all data on these devices is completely destroyed.

Use professional shredders

For complete peace of mind and security for confidential document destruction, it’s also a good idea to seek professional confidential document destruction services. Industrial scale document destruction can ensure all your data, be it medical files or hard drives, is professionally destroyed and shredded in a safe, secure and controlled environment in line with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

For document shredding and destruction, use a reputable data shredding company such as Datashredders, who specialise in the safe, secure and eco-friendly disposal of business data and you should be able to rest safe in the knowledge that your data security plan is a solid one.