Will it Shred? Hard Drive Destruction

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Even when disconnected from a computer, hard drives are treasure troves of confidential information which could prove destructive to you or your business if it fell into the wrong hands. If they don’t simply send their hard drives to landfill, businesses usually use specialised software to clear their hard drives – but the truth is there’s no real way to safely erase a hard drive; fraudsters can still find ways to retrieve data that has been deleted in this way. How, then, can you render your confidential information completely irretrievable? The answer is that the information must be physically destroyed – but how to physically destroy a hard drive?

At Datashredders, we’ve got equipment that might be able to help. Question is: will it shred?

It certainly will! Our machines are able to shred a hard drive into tiny fragments, utterly destroying any data held within. If you have one or more hard drives that you’d like shredded, simply fill in the form on our contact us page, call 0808 223 8945 or email info@datashredders.co.uk.